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General Bibliographies

Asia Minor Terracottas
Bettina Hoffmann
RCRF Bibliography 1990
RCRF Bibliography 1991
RCRF Bibliography 1992
RCRF Bibliography 1993
RCRF Bibliography 1994
RCRF Bibliography 1995
RCRF Bibliography 1996
RCRF Bibliography 1997
RCRF Bibliography 1998 (new!)
Roman Ceramics from Northern France
Sagallassos Ware

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Current Samian Research
South Gaulish
Central/East Gaulish
Upper Germany

Current Amphorae Research
The Amphorae Pages
Roman Amphoras in Britain (registration compulsary)

Ceramics and Correspondence Analysis
Recent Literature
Click on the picture of the Correspondence Analysis of Rheinzabern Mouldmakers shown on top of this document to read more about it in German or French

Beautifull 3D GIS (currently not online)
Pottery Distribution Database
Greek Survey
Palmodi Survey
3D Distribution Graphics
Corpus Vasorum Arretinorum
UK Potsherd

Recent Publications on Archaeometry
Gunnewegs List


Dag van het Romeinse Aardewerk
S.F.E.C.A.G. 1998
Arras 1998

Discussion Lists


Centre Archéologique Lezoux Ceramique
Study Groupe of Roman Pottery

Corpus Vasorum Arretinorum
Fabric Collection

Monte Testaccio

For all comments and critics:

Allard Mees
Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum
Ernst-Ludwig-Platz 2
D-55116 Mainz

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