The conservation of impulses

Dr Martin Pracher

CO2-assisted pulse conservation is a patent-pending process for the accelerated exchange of fluids in a water-saturated porous body. Patent rights are currently not pending.

Pulse preservation is not a preservation method, but a technical process to accelerate lengthy impregnation processes and to shorten impregnation times.

The basic principle of impulse preservation is to dissolve CO2 in a water-saturated object under pressure and to displace the water in the object from the core to the outside by the increase in volume of the CO2 as it returns to the gas phase. In an impregnation bath with binder, the cavities created in the object can be used to reflux the solidifying agent. The slow processes of diffusion and osmosis, on which common conservation methods are based, can be bypassed or actively supported.

Impulse preservation is suitable for all water-soluble solidifying agents.

The text (in german) can be downloaded as PDF here.